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Brickhouse Ceramics

The Barns, Sheepcote Lane, Silverend, Essex, CM8 3PJ


01376 585655

Brickhouse Ceramic supplies was established over 30 years ago and has grown to become one of the country's largest retailers of ceramic and pottery supplies. We supply over 30 types of the most popular clays from the UK and Europe and are able to obtain clay types from anywhere. We sell all the major ranges of colours including Duncan, Gare, Amaco and Prisma, for glazing and underglazing. We also have exclusive rights to sell the popular Welte dipping glazes.

Most raw materials, frits, oxides, casting slip etc are held in stock and we will supply any we do not hold. We stock a wide range of quality pottery tools, together books on everything to do with pottery and ceramics..

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